The new generation of lean production building kit systems

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Guidelines and practical tips for building and using cost-effective factory equipment

The principles of lean production have changed industry forever and boosted both performance and flexibility in industrial manufacturing. However, that is no reason to settle for the status quo – as the name suggests, continuous improvement never stops. As methods are honed, production systems are also taken to the next level. Experience with lean production building kit systems has been fed into technical advances, which in turn have helped companies to complete many tasks faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively than in the past. Today, thanks to cutting-edge fastening technology, production staff can build transport trolleys, racks and shelving units that are much more robust and yet can still be modi ed quickly and with relatively little effort.

This White Paper summarizes the basic principles of lean production and explains which methods have proven useful in practice. Despite increased demands, next generation solutions can still deliver progress in the flight to eradicate inefficiency in production. Cutting-edge lean production building kit systems are an extremely effective tool when seeking to achieve continuous improvement.

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