The Future of Enterprise DevOps: What You Need to Know

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This eBook contains five articles that explain how DevOps was formed and propose what the future holds for this now essential app building methodology: 1. A History of DevOps 2. ARA: The Means and End of Your Digital Transformation 3. Is There Really an Ops Side to the DevOps Equation? 4. Rage Against the Machine: The Problem with DevOps Tools 5. Making DevOps a Reality for Legacy Organizations 6. The Impact of Microservices on Enterprise IT

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Practical DevOps Using ARA

Applications and services are made up of more components and integrations today than they were just a few years ago. Coupled with a much more competitive business world, this complexity has changed everything for both development (Dev) and operations (Ops).

Dev is pressed to deliver more functionality, faster, focusing on small, incremental changes, using agile methodologies and tools such as continuous integration.

The Ops environment is much larger these days, with many more servers and services than ever before. The production environm ...

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Blueprint to Continuous Delivery with Automic Release Automation

Automic proposes a four-stage blueprint to Continuous Delivery to assist enterprises at any stage of their DevOps journey. This plan can take a company of any maturity level all the way up to enterprise-scale Continuous Delivery using a combination of Automic Release Automation, Automic’s 20+ years of business automation experience, and the proven tools and practices the company is already leveraging.

As the only vendor that automates within the toolchain (steps one and two), and across the toolchain (steps three and four), Automic is in a u ...

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Formulating an agile integration strategy in the hybrid multi-cloud era

The modern digital business demands that enterprise and IT leaders continuously reexamine their customers’ experiences and expectations, improve business efficiencies and fend off threats from rivals. The ‘digital transformation’ phenomenon has driven a cloud-first mentality that explores multiple cloud service options and innovative technologies such as containers, microservices, machine learning and Internet of Things initiatives. It has transformed IT into a highly distributed hybrid architecture composed of multiple datacenters, multi-cloud ...

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By focusing on frequent code integration, automated testing, and keeping
the mainline code version in a state that is deployable to production at any
time, CI/CD aims to eliminate the risks and friction of traditional waterfall
software development. Add to that the practice of continuous deployment
and you can move to a situation where the latest and greatest software version
is not just always ready to be deployed—it’s deployed on a frequent basis. ...

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Using MITRE ATT&CK™ in Threat Hunting and Detection

MITRE ATT&CK1 is an open framework and knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations. ATT&CK provides a common taxonomy of the tactical objectives of adversaries and their methods. Having a taxonomy by itself has many valuable uses, such as providing a common vocabulary for exchanging information with others in the security community. But it also serves as a real technical framework for classifying your current detection efforts and identifying gaps where you are blind to certain types of attack beh ...

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