Digital Transformation Drives New IT Infrastructure Requirements

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Technology adoption has continually evolved from the mainframes and dumb terminals of the 1st Platform to the mobile, social, cloud, and big data and analytic technologies of the 3rd Platform. These 3rd Platform technologies are enabling a transformation of fundamental business models that are at the core of all organizations. As organizations leverage 3rd Platform technologies to enhance customer engagement via mobile apps, new datastreams are created that provide real-time feedback on their satisfaction as end consumers. This gives organizations an opportunity to enhance the very customer relationships on which the business is based and allows enterprises to begin focusing their energy on improving customer outcomes. These outcomes will be based not on a point in time but across the full life cycle of a product or service in such a way that real-time feedback is continually captured. This datastream accelerates innovation and drives continuous improvement to the product/service delivery model at the heart of a modern business. As organizations transform themselves digitally, business resiliency improves significantly and business operations become more reliable.

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∙ devices to provision and deploy ∙ end points to secure
∙ applications to support
∙ systems to manage

Which results in more headaches for you and less time to focus on more important, strategic initiatives.

And your role has transformed too; you’re now a critical partner of the company’s leadership. You’re thinking about bringing the best experience to your users, accelera ...

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