Eliminate Bandwidth and Latency Problems

Eliminate Bandwidth and Latency Problems

The need to process data faster is the main reason why edge computing is becoming popular by the day. Cloud computing is now viewed to have a slow latency compared to edge computing, and that is why it is popular. Its low latency in processing information is the reason why important data is handled at the edge of the network. 


Benefits of Edge Computing 

With so many people aware of the internet today, a large percentage of people have based their daily activities on the internet – enterprises even more so. But to fulfill all tasks in a timely manner, internet users may be forced to purchase more bandwidth, to cater for their internet needs. This is quite an expensive move compared to using edge computing which will require very little bandwidth. 

Getting information on the cloud requires little bandwidth and is therefore cheaper. However, getting information out of the cloud requires a lot of bandwidth and is very expensive, not to mention the time it takes to process all the information out of the cloud and the possible latency that users may experience. Edge computing can reduce the cost and the amount of time used to access information that is stored on the edge of the network. 


Improves the Functionality of IoT (Internet of Things) Devices 

Most IoT devices require the shortest time to process and analyse important data for it to function better. Relying on cloud computing could slow down the functionality of IoT devices. That is why edge computing comes in to reduce the latency and process data faster.

Date: 14 September 2018, 10:09 am
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