Pinterest marketing strategies for your business

Pinterest marketing strategies for your business

Social media marketing has now become the most popular marketing strategy for most businesses. There is a huge target market already on most social media platforms. Until now, Pinterest has been a very underrated social network. But with the right Pinterest marketing strategies, you can get your business noticed, which equates to the great success of the business.


How to Get Started with Pinterest for your Business


  • Create a Pinterest business account.
  • Add a clear description of your business on your profile.
  • Link your Pinterest business account to your website. That way it’s easy for pinners to visit your business website.
  • Start pinning as frequent as possible.

Get your Pins Noticed

To get your pins noticed, add clear, attractive images to your pins. Ensure you also use the most popular categories for your pins.


Pin Frequently and Become Social

Pinners love an active account; they notice your pinning efforts by the frequency of your pins. Ensure you choose the right time to pin, and pin at least eight times a day. Become more social through building a relationship with your followers by

  • Following popular pins and engaging in them
  • Leaving positive comments on followers’ pins
  • Engage with your followers in all your pins
  • Strategize on a call to action on your pins. Urge followers to share your pins.


Use SEO words on your pins

To make your pins more noticeable, you must use searchable words. Identify the necessary keywords and include them in your descriptions in all pins. By doing that, you make your content easily found by pinners.


Strategize on Pinterest Analytics 

It is good to check your analytics to discover what your popular pins are, the best time to post, and what people like viewing. This way, you will start improving the quality of your pins to reach more pinners, thus increasing the success of your business.


Use Rich Pins frequently

Rich pins give pinners more details on what to expect on a pin. To make a call to action more effective, rich pins can be used to direct pinners to your business website.

Date: 20 April 2018, 13:04 pm
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