Lunch Break Should Be Sacred

Lunch Break Should Be Sacred

As the world continues to move fast more and more people are shunning the lunch break to seek economic prosperity. However, all human resource departments should encourage their employees to go for the vital lunch break. It is not surprising to find people hurdled on their computer screens during the lunch break while eating simple take out like fries and sandwiches. In fact, research has shown that only one in five American employees goes for lunch breaks. This is a true depiction that most Americans do not eat lunch or take the full hour to break for lunch. Research done by the BBC Breakfast team revealed that approximately 54 percent work through lunch. The various HR departments are also not doing anything to improve these figures.

Surprisingly, most people felt pressured by their bosses and HR departments to work throughout lunch in the guise that they are being more economically productive. HR departments should step in and encourage employees to go for the lunch break. They should advise the employees that the lunch hour should be utilised well, not only as a time for eating their lunch but also as a time for carrying out different activities. That includes attending a useful class, doing a hobby or something they are passionate about. 

Here are some reasons why all HR departments should make sure that employees take lunch break:


To Increase the Output Level of Employees

Most HR departments support the idea of employees avoiding lunch break thinking that it is an hour of boosting the company’s workload or even increasing the employees’ productivity; however, this is not the case. Missing out on the lunch break only makes the employees get tired earlier during the day. That means that the company’s productivity level will go down. 

Nevertheless, research has proven that when the HR department encourages the employees to go for a lunch break, their energy levels will be boosted and they will work for longer. Most companies end up losing more when their employees do not go for the lunch break.


To Boost the Health of Employees

All HR departments should know that when employees go for a much-needed lunch break, it is bound to boost both their brain and body levels.

Therefore, it is evident that sticking to the desk the whole day makes employees more stressed and less creative. The natural daylight boosts production of serotonin, which is the happy hormone, so HR departments should ensure that all employees take a lunch break because it is beneficial to the company.

Date: 29 March 2018, 10:03 am
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