Employee Promotion Management – Things to Consider

Employee Promotion Management – Things to Consider

Employee promotion is a process that awards workers with more power and responsibilities. Mostly, a promotion comes with an increase in salary, and it is not only beneficial to the employee, but to the company as well. Promoted employees become more productive from the motivation of having more authority and being recognised for their inputs in the growth of the company. There are various factors need to be considered by the HR team during appraisals.


Employee’s Growth

Working is a learning process that takes time and patience to perfect. Some employees portray a higher growth rate in their tasks than others. Seasoned employees are known for their ability to solve problems in their fields and their contribution to the overall team. Once an employee portrays these qualities, it is high time that the HR department considers them for a promotion. 


Length of Service in the Company

When the HR department is making decisions on the employees to be promoted, the time spent by a specific worker in the firm is a primary consideration. Some employees have seen the company grow and they have been part and parcel of this growth. Such employees need recognition for staying loyal to their employer and work around the clock for the company to achieve its goals. 


Learning Advancement 

During recruitment, many employees may enrol as entry-level workers with minimal experience and education background. While in their workplace, they may decide to advance their studies to earn a degree, masters or even PhD. Such achievements are recognised by the company as the employee is in a better position to handle more challenging tasks. There are also some certifications and licensing that can only take place after achieving a certain level of education and which the HR department ought to be informed after attaining them.

Date: 9 March 2018, 11:03 am
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