Integrating Big Data and Creativity in Marketing

Integrating Big Data and Creativity in Marketing

Big Data gives a business an upper hand in its activities in more ways than one. It gives businesses a better way of planning and setting achievable goals. The evolution of businesses in a bid to meet customers' demands in marketing has always been influenced by the availability of Big Data. Creativity, on the other hand, cannot be erased in marketing. Integration of these two facets, Big Data and Creativity, in marketing is a very potent undertaking.


Why we need Big Data

Data access is not limited to geographical location. It can be accessed from many devices and this portability aligns with the technological changes being experienced in the world. Besides, access to products and services is boosted by online searching. Through this, customers can reach more products and services by just a touch of a button or screen without having to physically access those services and products. Big Data is the future of marketing and, therefore, employees with data skills will be a necessity for any company that aims to stand the test of time.


Why Big Data cannot stand alone

Not all data is equally important. Therefore, filtering and selecting the particular important data is a necessity. Furthermore, artificial intelligence cannot sufficiently substitute human-to-human interactions. Employees will always support customer experience. In order to fulfill this task, they will require training to match the gap with the new technology.


Why integration of creativity with Big Data is crucial

  • Having Big Data does not necessarily correspond to having customers. This means data is useful if it builds on interaction with customers.
  • The way data is used depends on creativity itself for marketing to be successful.
  • How far we can go in costing Big Data and creativity depends on both.
  • Big business enterprises suffer under-utilisation of the data they have due to lack of creativity to channel interests the right way in order to achieve maximum utilisation of information.
Date: 12 June 2017, 7:17 am
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