Securing IoT Device in Enterprises

Securing IoT Device in Enterprises

IoT stands for 'internet of things' and refers to any device where you have a lack of control over the software run on it. These can include security devices, house control gadgets and countless other pieces of tech that have been increasingly popular lately. However, despite how useful these gadgets are, it is frustrating to know whether they are secure and ensure they are running securely. Since these devices are often security related they could easily give open access to private information which is extremely worrying.

How can I secure my IoT Device?

There are a few simple ways you can ensure your device is protected. First of all, ensure your devices are always up-to-date. Up-to-date firmware can be more secure and help prevent any security breaches so just take 10 minutes out of your day to update all your devices.

Another way of securing your device is to have an extremely strong password and change it regularly. If you stick to the habit of changing your password regularly your device is less likely to be hacked as the hacker will be unable to keep up with the changing password.

Finally, just to ensure your device is a safe as possible you can only connect it to your network when you need to. Devices are easily hacked through network connection so if there's no need to connect why risk it? Keep your device safe.

In Conclusion

Overall, these are some simple tips to secure your devices. These could be done in a day so there are no excuses. Being hacked can be a dreadfully frustrating experience so it is definitely worth your time to prevent this.

Date: 8 June 2017, 8:37 am
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