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Build modern applications on AWS

In this eBook, we’ll guide you through the three pathways that will help lay the foundation for modern application development in your own organization. We’ll also explore how modern application development with AWS can help yo...

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Determining the Total Cost of Ownership: Comparing Serverless and Server-based Technologies

The popularity of a serverless strategy is growing because it provides the opportunity for faster time to market by dynamically and automatically allocating compute and memory based on user requests. It also provides cost savin...

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Thumb original 203753 aws modernization containers ebook final

Modernize today with containers on AWS

Companies worldwide are undergoing digital transformations. By modernizing their applications, they can deliver better service to customers and keep pace in a competitive landscape. One way AWS helps companies modernize is by i...

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Thumb original 203724 aws webandmobileent ebook final

Build mobile and web apps faster

Organizations want to innovate faster with modern mobile and web applications that delight customers and support employees. Development teams must meet the ever rising bar for user experience and complex cloud features—while de...

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Thumb original bdm 1.1 digital disruption and competitiveness

Building a more resilient, agile, cost effective business in the AWS cloud

Cloud computing can help your businesses survive and thrive in the digital future. It is flexible, agile, constantly available and infinitely scalable. It is easy to use and requires no capital investment. Its applications are ...

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Thumb original bdm 3.1 taking the first step

A practical step-by-step guide to cloud adoption

Millions of organizations have already moved to the cloud and are reaping the benefits. Many more are preparing to follow suit. Cloud computing – the on-demand delivery of IT resources over the internet with pay-as-you-go prici...

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Thumb original bdm 2.3 how to build more valuable customer relationships in the cloud

Building Valuable Relationships in the AWS Cloud: Customer experience and why it matters

In the world of modern business, customer experience is becoming a major enabler of growth and competitive advantage. A massive 80% of businesses now see customer experience as a way to differentiate themselves from their compe...

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Thumb original ac beginners guide to connected compressors e book final 2

A beginner’s guide to connected compressors: How intelligent solutions such as SMARTLINK boost uptime and reduce costs

Digitalisation is having a transformative effect on industrial organizations. The combination of sensorbased data acquisition, wireless communication, and analytics gives engineers new insight into the performance of a broad ra...

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Thumb original gen emea aws digital learning ebook oct 2020 oct 2020  002  1

10 reasons to learn the AWS Cloud

Whether you’re new to AWS Cloud services, seeking to update your cloud skills, or exploring a cloud-first strategy for your organization—it’s time to make a plan. Download the complimentary eBook and learn how AWS Training c...

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Thumb original idc aw infobrief usingthecloudtoaddressthedigitalskillsgap

Using the Cloud to Address the Digital Skills Gap

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for faster digital transformation at the organisation level, as well as urgent development of civic servants’ digital skills across the public sector. A new report from IDC surveying 2...

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