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Expenses, VAT, Compliance in a Nutshell - UKI Edition

In this eBook we look at VAT, tax and expense rules that apply in the ROI. Highlighting the processes, practices and behaviours around tax and expenses based on some of the frequently asked questions we receive. When you get tax compliance right, not only will your business, HMRC and Revenue become more confident of your processes, reclaiming VAT on your eligible expenses can actually put money back in your budget. ...mehr

Three Ways to Future-Proof Your Business

While having control over costs, cash flow, and compliance is important for businesses during typical times, it’s even more critical when trying to maintain business continuity during challenging periods. Reacting to challenges while keeping the business running smoothly requires organization-wide agility, flexibility, and collaboration. Employees must be willing and able to shift gears to accomplish whatever needs to be done. Organisations need intelligent finance systems to access trustworthy data as near to real-time as possible to enable be ...mehr

Masters of VAT

In this eBook, you'll discover the variety of ways that SAP Concur can support you in your journey to become a master of VAT. Of course, VAT has been a valuable source of revenue for the UK Government since 1973. Yet, despite more than 40 years of getting used to calculating, paying and reclaiming VAT, businesses still struggle to adhere to HMRC guidelines. With support from SAP Concur, it doesn’t have to be this way. First, we offer an expense audit solution to check for fraud and non-compliance. Secondly, we work with tax specialists to help ...mehr

Finanzabteilungen scheitern am Teilen von Informationen

Eine aktuelle Gartner-Studie zeigt, dass nur jede zweite Finanzabteilung die eigenen Service-Bedürfnisse erfolgreich zu kommunizieren. Der Rest habe mit Disruptionen, Verzögerungen und anderen IT-Problemen mehr zu kämpfen. Diese Probleme rührten zumeist aus fehlender Unterstützung seitens Finance. Dort befürchte man einen Kontrollverlust – anstatt eines Informationsgewinnes. ...mehr auf cfo.com

The Economist Report - Global Executives Look to Digital Transformation to Support COVID-19 Recovery

Senior executives worldwide face a starkly different economic climate entering second half of 2020 than they and their teams originally anticipated. The impact of COVID-19 has been tragic and far-reaching on a human and economic level. In a recent study conducted by SAP Concur and The Economist Group, 88% of senior executives worldwide agreed that the pandemic will forever change how business operate. Global executives are working through what recovery will look like, determining how to evolve their organisations to meet newly urgent strategic ...mehr

Connecting the Dots on Business Spend: Don't Wait for the Pieces to Fall into Place

When you’re putting together a spend management solution, it has to deliver on every level to equip you for the road ahead. How is your business managing travel, expense and invoice processes currently? These three areas have one thing in common – employees. They hold the purse strings and make decisions on behalf of your company. Do you have total visibility into this spend? We asked 500 UK finance leaders from businesses of all sizes about their employee spend management practices. The research revealed that despite some process improvements, ...mehr

Diese 3 Fähigkeiten sollte ein CFO für die Digitalisierung mitbringen

Laut einer Studie der Hackett Group glauben 90% der Finanzorganisationen, dass die Digitalisierung Arbeitsabläufe im Bereich Finanzen grundlegend ändern wird – insbesondere was das Verständnis von Kunden, Lieferanten und Partnern betrifft. Allen voran: Der Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Er (oder sie) ist oft die einzige Person in einem Unternehmen, die sowohl Geschehnisse als auch Zahlen aus jeder Abteilung kennt und diese im Firmenkontext interpretieren kann. Er stellt die Mittel zur Digitalisierung bereit. Entsprechend sollte er auch derje ...mehr