Undertaking Security Challenges in Hybrid Cloud Environments

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Today, businesses are out to transform their organizations to maximize their full digital potential. After all, digital transformation provides a competitive edge, improved innovation, and new technologies that can drive better business. Cloud technologies by Amazon Web Services (AWS) help power this digital transformation. The cloud provides organizations of varying sizes the ability to process big data as well as provide access to greater storage and processing capabilities, among many others.

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Solving the cloud-native app puzzle with CNAPP

There are a lot of pieces in the cloud security puzzle, and sometimes it can seem like it’s not clear how they fit in the big picture. Think cloud access security brokers (CASBs). Or cloud workload protection platforms (CWPPs). Or cloud security posture management (CSPM). Not to mention software composition analysis (SCA), extended detection and response (XDR), and managed detection and response (MDR).

All of these have their roles in protecting your cloud environments and infrastructure. Yet many are point solutions, operating like clusters ...

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PRODUCT REVIEW - Trend Cloud One™

As part of the Cybersecurity Insiders Product Review series, we are reviewing Trend Cloud One, a comprehensive and powerful cloud security platform for developers, security teams, and businesses. Trend Cloud One’s integrated platform approach considers cloud projects and objectives holistically, meeting the needs of cloud and security teams alike with cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) capabilities that provide connected protection throughout an organization’s entire cloud environment. Plus, Cloud One delivers thoughtful appli ...

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5 trends for CFOs to watch!

Modern senior finance professionals need to think strategically about how digital transformation and process improvement can positively impact their finance teams — and ultimately the business — several years down the road. To be tactical partners with business leaders and the C-suite, CFOs need to be continually scanning conditions ahead to help the company succeed during rough seas or calm waters and meet rapidly evolving market conditions as well as changing customer, employee, and investor demands.

This white paper outlines five current ...

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Taxable benefits – what are you missing?

Managing ever changing employee benefit tax regulations can incur a high cost for businesses but it’s not a spend management step you can skip — and with automation you don’t have to.

With the prevalence of hybrid working, changes to business travel and an increasingly competitive labour market, spend management goalposts are continually shifting. Benefits that were once considered peripheral are now commonplace. Travel managers have to deal with new benefits categories outside of the usual travel related expenses. Manual processes that used ...

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The Top Ten Mistakes Compliance Officers Make with Third-Party Risk Management

In this on-demand webinar, speakers from Diligent and Spark Compliance explain why third-party management matters and the risks involved. They explore the top 10 mistakes compliance officers make with third party risk management and how to fix them. ...

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