Best Practices for Migrating to Office 365

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Migrating to Office 365 represents a significant step for an organization. It introduces product upgrades and brand new tools, opens the way for new work practices, and provides opportunities for re-imagining productivity. It also introduces a set of new demands and risks for the organization.

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Gain Internet of Things insight from Machine Learning with SAP and Red Hat

Across industries, Internet of Things (IoT) devices collect massive volumes of detailed data about their characteristics and operating conditions. The data from each device can be compared with a large dataset collected from similar devices, or things. However, extracting valuable data to create predictive models and gain insight into real-world events and processes requires machine learning.

Red Hat and SAP have collaborated to create a solution for using machine learning to analyze IoT data. This partner solution brief includes an overview ...

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Automated, Workshop-free SAP HANA and S/4HANA ERP Future Readiness Assessment

Red Hat and independent analyst and advisor West Trax have partnered to create a vendor-neutral approach to gain insight into SAP® system and support a common understanding between all stakeholders. The West Trax Future Readiness Assessment for SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA ERP is a customized assessment is designed for executive preparing their SAP environment for the introduction of advanced technologies and new work methods. It offers analytics results on the current IT environment and guidance on business processes and technologies to help SAP c ...

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Molecular Health supports SAP HANA Clinical Data Warehouse with Red Hat

Molecular Health, a leading biomedicine company, uses big data analytics to provide comprehensive medical and therapeutic services. The company previously used a SUSE Linux platform to support its SAP HANA environment for its clinical data warehouse but faced availability issues. By deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA—supported by backup software from Bacula Systems, a Red Hat partner—Molecular Health gained a high- performance, cost-efficient solution that helps doctors create individualized cancer therapies. In addition, the compa ...

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Management and Automation of the SAP Infrastructure

Watch now the webinar "Management and Automation of the SAP infrastructure with speaker Markus Koch (Technical Enablement Manager SAP, Red Hat). It's the third webinar of the webcast series "Red Hat Solutions for SAP". ...

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP: Solution Overview

Watch now the webinar "Red Hat Enterprises Linux for SAP: Solution Overview" with Markus Koch (Technical Enablement Manager SAP, Red Hat) and Wolfgang Bausch (Business Development Manager, EMEA, Red Hat). It was produced on 19.01.2018. ...

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