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Der Schutz von Benutzeridentitäten und die Verwaltung von Zugriffsberechtigungen für kritische Geschäftsanwendungen dürfte gegenwärtig die größte Security Herausforderung für Organisationen darstellen. Allein 2018 kam es zu mehr als 6.500 bekannten Datenlecks, bei denen mehr als 5 Milliarden Einträge offengelegt wurden – bei der großen Mehrheit waren Benutzernamen und Passwörter darunter.1 Allerdings war das 2018 nichts Neues, wie eine online verfügbare, durchsuchbare Datenbank mit 8 Milliarden Benutzernamen- und Passwortkombinationen zeigt, die über Jahre hinweg gestohlen wurden (https:// haveibeenpwned.com/). Dabei muss man sich vor Augen halten, dass es nur 4,3 Milliarden Menschen weltweit gibt, die Internetzugang haben. Anmeldedaten werden nicht einfach aus Spaß gestohlen. Mit ihrer Hilfe verschaffen sich Angreifer vielmehr Zugriff auf weitere Daten. Dabei wiederum sind es vor allem Bots – bösartige Bots –, die es den Cyberkriminellen erst ermöglichen, in solchen Größenordnungen zu agieren. Aus diesem Grund gehören gesicherte Zugangsverfahren und der Schutz vor Bots vorrangig zur Sicherheitsstrategie jeder Organisation.

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By focusing on frequent code integration, automated testing, and keeping
the mainline code version in a state that is deployable to production at any
time, CI/CD aims to eliminate the risks and friction of traditional waterfall
software development. Add to that the practice of continuous deployment
and you can move to a situation where the latest and greatest software version
is not just always ready to be deployed—it’s deployed on a frequent basis. ...

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Protect and Optimize Containerized Apps

Container platforms such as Kubernetes and RedHat OpenShift combine with agile development methodologies to speed up application development and deployment. By allowing developers to break applications up into smaller components (also known as microservices), containers can help reduce dependencies, allow component-level scaling, and encourage rapid release lifecycles.

However, containerized apps can still be exposed to application-layer vulnerabilities, denial-of-service attacks, and the impacts of client-side network latency. This means th ...

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Artificial Intelligence: The Smarter Approach To Information Security

The news headlines are replete with stories of devastating data breaches,
compromising the personal and professional data of millions. Cyber attackers
spare no industry, infiltrating the assets of even the most sophisticated
technology adopters, in turn impacting their executives, employees, and
perhaps worst of all — customers and users.

The answer lies not in changing the motives of bad actors, but rather,
in the advanced techniques that help them evade traditional methods
of system protection. Traditional AV solutions, which adopt a ...

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2017 Threat Report - Discussion Guide

The Cylance 2017 Threat Report offers valuable analysis on the current state of cybersecurity. The information provided in the report is unavailable anywhere else. This Cylance® study includes research and information drawn from internal data and feedback provided by Cylance customers. The report offers considerable insights into recent threat trends and related security issues.

Some key findings of this report merit further discussion. These conversations represent an opportunity to dig deeper into the implications of current security stra ...

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Advanced Threat Prevention Test

Cylance commissioned AV-TEST to perform an advanced threat prevention test of enterprise endpoint protection software. The testing methodology was developed jointly to provide additive testing to the commodity Anti-Virus protection tests currently produced by AV-TEST.

CylancePROTECT® was tested against 5 competitor endpoint products from Kaspersky, McAfee, Sophos, Symantec and Trend Micro. The test was performed in December 2016 and January 2017. This report contains the results of four test cases. The primary goal was to show the detection ...

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