DevOps for Dummies

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This book takes a business-centric approach to DevOps. Today’s fast-moving world makes DevOps essential to all enterprises that must be agile and lean enough to respond rapidly to changes such as customer demands, market conditions, competitive pressures, or regulatory requirements.

If you’re reading this book, we assume that you’ve heard about DevOps but want to understand what it means and how your company can gain business benefits from it. This book is geared to executives, decision makers, and practitioners who are new to the field of DevOps, who seek more information about the approach, and who want to cut through the hype surrounding the concept to get to the meat of it.

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The IBM® Cloud Garage Method is IBM’s approach to enable business, development and operations to continuously design, deliver, and validate new function. The practices, architectures, and toolchains cover the entire product lifecycle from inception through capturing and responding to customer feedback and market changes.

In two sections, this field guide provides a high-level overview of the IBM Cloud Garage Method: A summary of the method’s concepts and tips to engage with the practices, toolchains, architectures, and information about visi ...

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For an increasing number of workloads, enterprise”s are choosing managed services, in which an expert third-party Managed Service Provider (MSP) hosts and manages applications. According to a 2015 Frost & Sullivan survey of IT decision-makers, 35% of businesses a ...

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Webinar: End-to-End Security Solutions for Mid-Market Businesses

Learn directly from industry experts, analysts and customers how to transform your business with Dell Technologies portfolio of products and solutions.

Within this webinar the topics covered are:
- The way people work is changing
- End-to-End security solutions
- Trusted Devices
- Trusted Infrastructure
- Trusted Data

Learn more about Dell solutions powered by Intel®. ...

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These businesses recognise that I.T. is the great enabler and that a wide spectrum of technology-related trends adopted by larger organisations are delivering productivity gains. Therefore, to stay a ...

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Integration: The Foundation of a Successful Hybrid IT Strategy

Hybrid IT? The conversation is no longer around if your organization embraces it, but how. According to TBR, “The use of hybrid cloud (a combination of cloud services) and hybrid IT (a combination of cloud services and on-premises assets) is now a reality for most enterprises, with 51 percent reporting at least one workload is leveraging a hybrid cloud or IT deployment method.”

This report will look into the considerable benefits of hybrid IT and the critical integration points for a successful hybrid IT service delivery platform. ...

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