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How to Successfully Implement Predictive Analytics in a Business

Most businesses and organisations today use predictive analytics to predetermine the future success in their respective industries. By using analysed data of past trends, it is possible to make future decisions that are geared to improving the success of an organisation. That is what is referred to as predictive analytics.  In a business, predictive analytics is used mainly to study the behaviour of customers, like what they purchase the most and at what time of the year, do they like deliveries or not. Once you analyse the behaviour of your ...more

CIOs Score Huge As Influencers of Business

During their annual CIO survey held this year, Nash and KPMG expressed to the world that technology leaders are experiencing a change that has soared to unprecedented levels, and all this is coming from unexpected quarters. Executives in technology are taking advantage of the uncertainty by assisting their firms become more tech savvy and to get through transformation and be successful.   CIOs become more integrated and important For a decade, the impact of CIOs in the economy has been at a record high. Most of them can be seen in the ...more

Forrester Consulting: Improving Customer Experience and Revenue Starts With the App Portfolio: European Spotlight

In October 2019, VMware commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate executive sentiments about the state of their current application portfolios, their ability to create terrific end-customer experiences, and the connection between the two. This spotlight focuses on the 203 respondents and two interviewees from 13 European countries. ...more

Forbes Insights - 2,000 Days: A Roadmap for the CIO in 2025

The CIO's world is changing fast. In five years, chief information officers (CIOs) will have new responsibilities in the C-suite and across the enterprise, extending their strategic influence over product development, marketing, human resources, the supply chain and more. They will be challenged to discover new ways of generating revenue and creating unparalleled efficiencies. Such are some of the findings of a global Forbes Insights survey, conducted in partnership with VMware, of more than 650 CIOs in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacifi ...more

4 top skills CFOs must adopt in the digital age

Digital revolution is now changing the way business organisations operate. Thanks to data technology, existing business models and services are quickly rendering. As a result, many top companies including automotive, telecommunication, and media are being reshaped in order to give rivals a competitive advantage. Here are some of the essential skills CFOs must have to stay ahead in the digital age:   CFOs must become analytics experts A CFO should only spend 10 per cent of their time and efforts on transactional and the remaining 90 per ...more

IDC: Accelerating Your Digital Business Strategy: Three Strategic Priorities for Today's CIO

The average tenure of a CIO in large organizations is short and it’s a challenge to make a significant impact during that time. What can CIOs expect to accomplish in that period of time and what challenges do they face in that effort? How can CIOs create a roadmap that identifies the key business transformation opportunities that will create lasting value, what legacy challenges exist and what organizational hurdles are there to overcome? This IDC Spotlight report explores how technology leaders can create and execute that roadmap in order to b ...more