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Marketing Top Story

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Becoming a Customer-Obsessed Marketing Leader to Win: Fresh Insights for CMOs

To succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment, your company needs to be customer obsessed. Your customers’ digital interactions are the narrative of your brand, and engaging with them proactively through their channels of choice is key to delivering exceptional experiences and creating loyal brand advocates. Download this paper to learn how to deliver connected buying journeys to your customers. ...more

Powering Marketing Transformation

Finally, digital tools for selling wealth management in the digital age. These five tenets – targeting, engagement, conversion, analytics, and marketing technology – together create the basis for Modern Marketing best practices. Find out how wealth managers like you are tapping these to develop effective digital marketing strategies that are also compliant. ...more

Data Management Platforms for Marketers

A data management platform (DMP) is a software that is used to store campaign and audience data from all sources. It offers a localised means of managing and accessing data for marketers where they can retrieve cookie IDs and mobile identifiers to allow them to create targeted segments for advertising through digital campaigns.    Why are DMPs used by marketers? A DMP provides marketers with an easy access to information which would be impossible to manage when data is not in a central location. With DMPs, marketers are able to build a ...more

Discover Experience Marketing

Every time a consumer touches your brand — a web click, a call, store visit, a Tweet or a Like, you create an experience. What do you know about those experiences? Can you really own that experience? Download this white paper to see why Digital Marketing needs a step change. ...more