PS5 indie hit Stray now going for just £19.99

One of the best PS5 games of recent years, Stray, has received a huge price slash over on Amazon. The retail giant is now selling Stray on PS5 for just £19.99. That’s a saving of 43% on the £34.99 RRP. This physical copy of the indie ...more
Date: 3 October 2023, 12:31 pm
Source: Trusted Reviews

With AI, there’s a trust gap based on gender, age

When it comes to trusting artificial intelligence (AI), men, millennial, and Gen Z workers generally have more faith in the technology than women, Gen Xers, or Baby Boomers, according to the results of a survey of more than 2,000 US adults.The s ...more
Date: 3 October 2023, 11:09 am
Source: Computerworld

What is eMMC?

If you’ve been looking to buy a smartphone, tablet, small laptop or even a handheld gaming device, then it’s likely that you’ve come across the term eMMC storage.  eMMC is an extremely common spec for portable devices, but it has several big ...more
Date: 2 October 2023, 18:38 pm
Source: Trusted Reviews

What is Chromebook Plus?

Image Credit (Google) Google has revealed Chromebook Plus, a new standard for its ChromeOS devices. Acer, HP, Asus and Lenovo are all on board. Here’s exactly what it is. Ever considered a Chromebook and been a bit befuddled by the specificat ...more
Date: 2 October 2023, 15:39 pm
Source: Trusted Reviews

Interview: BJSS, UK IT Industry Awards finalist

Using and shaping IT for success is more important than ever - no matter the industry. As companies and consumers explore technologies and trends like artificial intelligence, green technology and cloud native, IT professio ...more
Date: 2 October 2023, 10:00 am
Source: Computing

Ctrl+Alt+Del: Meta’s Smart Glasses push is very short-sighted

OPINION: An eerie trend is continuing to grow in the consumer technology sphere, where we’re not only being inundated with new products seemingly every month but we’re being encouraged to make them an integral part of our everyday lives.  I ...more
Date: 30 September 2023, 15:39 pm
Source: Trusted Reviews

This is the cheapest monthly price for the iPhone 15 we've found

Credit: Apple Don’t want to spend huge amounts on a new iPhone 15? Then this deal should be perfect as it’ll only set you back £19.99 each month. Lots of the best phone deals offer up a lower upfront cost, with higher monthly payments. This c ...more
Date: 29 September 2023, 12:35 pm
Source: Trusted Reviews

Authorities warn of Chinese 'BlackTech' hackers

Cybersecurity agencies in the USA and Japan have warned multinational companies about a China-linked hacker group known as BlackTech. ...more
Date: 29 September 2023, 9:15 am
Source: Computing

Trusted Reviews Awards 2023: All The Winners Revealed

We have revealed all the products to win a prestigious award at this year’s Trusted Reviews Awards ceremony. Showcasing the finest tech of the year, the Trusted Reviews Awards in partnership with eBay highlights the very best tech we have re ...more
Date: 28 September 2023, 21:32 pm
Source: Trusted Reviews

Trusted Reviews Awards 2023: Home Winners

It’s that time of year again, as Trusted Reviews has announced all of the winners for its 2023 awards event. We’ve reviewed countless home products over the last 12 months, ranging from home appliances to smart doorbells. And so we’ve decide ...more
Date: 28 September 2023, 21:32 pm
Source: Trusted Reviews