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The Power of Global Mobile Customer Engagement for Internet Companies and Social Media Networks

Internet companies and Social Network businesses are changing rapidly and this creates new challenges for marketers. Choosing the best way to communicate with your customers, within budget, and with the ability to measure ROI, are critical requirements to ensuring effective consumer engagement. You need to find innovative ways to engage with and influence your customers’ preferences, in particular while being able to reach them anywhere and anytime. It is important to be able to identify communications channels that are cost effective and gu ...more

Les secrets d’une bonne stratégie de recherche par mots-clés

Dans le domaine du marketing digital, la recherche de mots-clés est un fondamental à maîtriser pour attirer le maximum de potentiels clients sur un site. Un mauvais choix de mots-clés risque de limiter le taux de conversion, voire attirer trop peu de visites. Il est alors utile d’adopter la bonne stratégie.   Identifier des mots-clés pertinents Pour garantir un maximum de conversion, le choix du contenu et la sélection des mots-clés doivent être en fonction de votre population-cible. Les bons mots-clés vous aident à faire un ciblage pl ...more

Comment apparaître en pole-position pour les recherches Amazon ? 

L’augmentation du trafic vers vos annonces Amazon est étroitement liée à l’usage et à la recherche des mots-clés correctement implémentés. Différentes techniques peuvent être utilisées, parmi lesquelles, les promotions hors site et l’adoption des campagnes de produits sponsorisés en interne.    Zoom sur les stratégies de référencement Amazon  Une stratégie efficace de référencement Amazon commence toujours par la recherche des mots clés. Vous devez connaître ce que recherchent les internautes sur Amazon et d’utiliser les mots clés pert ...more

Five Online Delivery Challenges Solved

Why do so many companies turn to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver their online videos, websites, and downloads? It’s simple: The core benefits of a CDN directly improve customer experiences. End-users get the content they want quickly and reliably with better quality, wherever they are located. More satisfied customers help the organization increase revenue and customer loyalty. CDN adoption is all about wanting to ensure quantity and quality. The quantity of online content delivery is growing rapidly. Internet traffic will nearly ...more

Limelight Live Streaming: Lowering Latency for Live Online Streaming Video

While online streaming video once meant video-on-demand, today’s organizations and their audiences are increasingly leveraging the excitement and engagement of live video in multiple ways. Yet, as organizations seek to adopt live video for time-critical use cases, latency has emerged as a significant challenge. Limelight gives you a choice of latency reduction options—including ongoing support for Flash, small chunk streaming for HLS/DASH, and a soon to be released WebRTC-based realtime streaming solution—allowing you to choose the solution ...more

The State Of Digital Lifestyles 2018

The State of Digital Lifestyles 2018 research report highlights the latest findings in an ongoing series of consumer surveys about online habits and opinions. Respondents were asked questions about how they interact with digital media, the adoption rate of digital assistants and internet-connected devices, and how technology has impacted their lives This report is based on responses from 5,000 consumers in France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States age 18 and older who had ...more

How to unlock the European E-Commerce market

The growing trend towards globalization has arrived at the online shopper: 57% said they have recently conducted cross-border shopping online (Shopify, 2017). According to Accenture (2017) cross-border online shopping is supposed to grow by 29.3% annually and its share of total global e-commerce is estimated to reach 29.2% in 2020. Nowadays, online merchants need to align their shop’s offer to global markets, in order to keep up with their competitors in international, cross-border e-commerce. The customer experience plays a central role: 75 ...more

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Defenses for Content Delivery

Cyber-criminals are increasingly sophisticated and targeted in their attacks. If you are in charge of ensuring the security of your company’s website, it has not been easy going as these notable security incidents reveal: • Sabre Systems—The reservation software company had data from Hard Rock Hotels, Google, Loews, and others, stolen as a result of the breach. • CIA—WikiLeaks obtained and published documents detailing the intelligence agency’s hacking efforts. • Virgin America—Thousands of employees and contractors had their login inf ...more

Predictive Targeting : l’avenir du marketing en ligne

Internet est aujourd’hui un outil marketing des plus puissants. Mais encore faut-il savoir l’exploiter pour en tirer le plein d’avantages. Le dénommé Predictive Targeting ou marketing prédictif est notamment un système à ne pas exclure de votre stratégie de vente. Il permet de prévoir les prochains achats des clients. Cela peut sembler impossible, mais ça fonctionne vraiment.   En quoi consiste le Predictive Targeting ? Il s’agit d’effectuer des analyses prédictives pour savoir au préalable ce que vos clients vont prochainement acheter ...more

Targeting: Don't miss a single opportunity

Only 2 % of all first-time website visits lead directly to a sale. All other visitors browse the site but leave without making a transaction – which poses a challenge for classic B2B marketing. How exactly can you reach the other 98 %? And how can you come into contact with all other potential customers who are yet to visit your website? ...more