Rackspace Public Sector Solutions Helping Accelerate and Secure Multicloud Modernisation

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Cloud provides the opportunity for agencies to leverage new technology and services to achieve their business outcomes. A series of strategic principles have been defined to guide agencies in making the right decisions and consuming appropriate services.
Rackspace Technology, a recently approved provider, appointed to the NSW government’s cloud purchasing arrangements (CPA) panel, has unparalleled experience and relationships across the cloud technology landscape. This unique position enables them to take a wholly unbiased approach to deliver cloud solutions that solve challenges and simplify the complexities of multicloud modernisation — including security, compliance mandates, and workforce and budget requirements. They have deep expertise across all the public hyperscale clouds, as well as the key private clouds and the ability to cohesively partner with them.
Let’s talk about how Public Sector Services from Rackspace Technology helps you achieve your goals.

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