Accelerating Business Transformation - Opportunities and Challenges in the Internet of Things

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The ability of intelligent devices to perceive and respond to the environment around them makes them highly valuable for complex, automated decision making in a broad range of industries. The growth potential is explosive: Billions of units are generating more than $1 trillion in revenue today, and according to technology analysts IDC, the market for intelligent systems will reach nearly 4 billion units by 2015, representing more than $2 trillion in revenue. IDC further predicts that there will be anywhere from 20 to 50
billion connected devices by 2020.

Yet significant challenges remain for this Internet of Things (IoT)—in particular, an absence of standardized recipes that would allow IoT solutions to scale across multiple industries.
As a global leader in embedded technology, Wind River® delivers the solutions that make IoT and the devices that run on it intelligent, reliable, manageable, and secure. We work closely with device and system developers, manufacturers and integrators, network operators and end customers in a variety of industries to understand business needs and identify IoT solutions. This paper draws on that experience to outline some of the major opportunities we see for business as well as some of the challenges to unlocking the full potential of IoT.

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