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The Internet of Things (IoT) is already disrupting traditional business models.
Consider just one revolutionary example: the ability to deliver all kinds of equipment, from industrial generators to jet engines, as subscription services rather than as sold products, thereby turning a capital expense into an operating expense for the customer. This new model of monetizing product utilization is made possible only when equipment providers can connect intelligent devices to gather and analyze data from the equipment, which enables them to create a recurring revenue stream based on value rather than a one-time sale. Connected devices also enhance a product’s value proposition by enabling predictive and remote maintenance.
Many organizations seek to take advantage of this trend, but they are stymied by the most basic question of how to connect thousands of existing legacy edge devices in the field and contextualize the data through integrations with disparate enterprise systems. Until an organization resolves the connectivity conundrum, the problems of business intelligence and prescriptive action cannot be addressed. This white paper explores the solutions Wind River® has developed to resolve the connectivity issue and accelerate the integration of data from networked devices, so enterprises can instead focus their energies and resources on evolving their business models to create value.

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