How to secure digital transformation

Thumb original securing digital transformation

As an organisation, your ability to move fast and adapt to changing circumstances is key to success. Those who can roll with the punches can adapt to market trends and take advantage of new ways of working, positioning themselves for success.

Increasingly, this means adopting new technologies to maintain an optimal user experience for your workforce across a hybrid network. However, a rapid expansion of the network edge has left many organisations in the dark. A mix of at-scale device connectivity, ongoing cloud migration activity, and investments in next-gen technologies are the cause. As a result, potential attack surfaces – essentially blind spots – may well have popped up.

To overcome this challenge, and get on top of risk, you must rethink security entirely. You must shift from protecting environments to protecting the data itself, ensuring visibility across the network so threats can be detected and subsequently responded to. It’s the only way to maintain agility, high-performance, and user experience while simplifying operational management.

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