The future of infrastructure will be containerized

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While most tech companies and startups today run in the cloud, many have yet to realize all the benefits of doing so. If you’re in the cloud but not on Kubernetes, you’re probably leveraging proprietary solutions while building and maintaining your own supplemental custom tooling. You’re also leaving a lot on the table in terms of efficiency, running your own workloads on underutilized virtual machines (VMs), and potentially locking yourself in.

How many tools are you using today to manage and patch your VMs? How do you upgrade your applications? And what’s your VM utilization like? What you have right now might not be all that efficient. Things are breaking (outages, scalability issues, etc.) due to weaknesses in your VM architecture, or costs are spiraling out of control, or your infrastructure isn’t set up to support lots of things your business needs to do:

  • Refactoring/re-architecting an MVP into a scalable solution

  • Expanding into additional cloud providers to meet regulatory or customer expectations

  • Expanding geographically to reduce latency and provide better experiences to a widespread customer base

  • Improving your end-to-end security posture

  • Improving the customer experience (e.g. service availability)

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