Die 5 wichtigsten Gründe für die Transformation des End-User-Computing

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Mit den End-User-Computing-Lösungen von EMC® Global Services können Kunden ihre Produktivität und geschäftliche Agilität steigern, gleichzeitig die Kosten reduzieren und eine sichere virtualisierte Infrastruktur bereitstellen.

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Date: 16 October 2014, 21:13 pm   |   Provider: EMC Deutschland GmbH   |   Size: 766 KB   |   Language: English
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Was bedeuten heutzutage die Begriffe “midrange“, „midsized” oder “midmarket”? Definitionen und Meinungen gehen hier weit auseinander.
Im Bereich Storage Hardware, ist man sich überwiegend einig, dass mittelständische Organisationen mit mittelgroßen IT-Anforderungen nicht auf der Suche nach vereinfachten Enterprise Array Versionen sind. Sie ziehen üblicherweise den Einsatz von Storage Lösungen vor, die von Grund auf so konzipiert sind, dass sie die speziellen Herausforderungen der Mittelständler berücksichtigen.

Midrange Storage wird für Un ...

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The shelter-in-place mandates put in place earlier in 2020 sent most employees home, and for the next few months they strived to stay connected and productive, while IT teams scrambled to provide infrastructures to support them. Now many organizations have realized there are benefits to having a distributed workforce, and thus are focused on tackling some of the network-related challenges that have compromised employee experience.

Remote user access is one top-of-mind concern. When employees are remote, connecting to on-premises apps can be ...

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How IT adapts in times of change:

When global events caused companies to make a rapid pivot to remote work, IT had no choice but to act fast. No matter where they were on the path to digital transformation, IT organizations across industries were responsible for onboarding a large number of employees onto new devices, managing a bigger population of distributed users, and keeping them all connected and secure.

For teams still using traditional PC lifecycle management methods on their Windows devices, these new demands quickly became a mas ...

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Organizations will continue to benefit from their data center investments, yet many of these organizations are also looking to benefit from the unique advantages offered by public cloud that cannot be cost-effectively delivered with today’s static data center environments.

- 4 Reasons to Extend Your Data Center to the Cloud:

1. Footprint expansion - Obtain capacity for new projects and expand into new geographies without building a new data center or investing in over-provisioning.

2. On-demand capacity - Handle unplanned temporary cap ...

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Data Center Extension Buyer's Guide

Cloud infrastructure is becoming the primary deployment environment for a majority of workloads.

As organizations extend on-premises data center environments to the public cloud, there are several factors that need to be considered to effectively integrate on-premises data centers with the public cloud in order to realize cloud benefits.

The goal of this paper is to help our customers understand these factors and identify the right cloud platform while identifying potential challenges. ...

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