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It is expected that the average enterprise will experience an eight-fold increase in data volumes over the next five years. Driven by end user demands for anywhere, anytime access; increased use of smart devices; and the ‘Internet of Things’ our storage infrastructure must continue to be fit-for-purpose as needs change.

At an organizational level, if you include the trends towards Big Data, virtualization and compliance, then all these competing priorities only add to the pressure on storage systems.

In this human centric era of ICT we need to align our storage resources to changing business priorities. In this guide you will discover how Fujitsu technology, services and solutions can create what we call Business-centric Storage – helping you tackle ever-increasing volumes of data in line with your individual business priorities.

Read more about ETERNUS DX S3 disk arrays and the ETERNUS SF V16 management system that provides more flexibility for your online storage architecture. See how a new generation of ETERNUS CS8000 data protection appliances can offer complete consolidation for all your data backup and archiving needs.

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