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The cloud era has created an unprecedented explosion of data and digital information which are essential to generate new business. The demands on IT organizations have never been greater - the number, complexity, and required performance of applications continue to increase while budgets and data center space are always limited.

To respond to these challenges effectively, FUJITSU offers the most comprehensive portfolio of x86-based industry standard systems and solutions to meet the diverse needs of all our customers....

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Date: 4 December 2014, 15:31 pm   |   Provider: Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH   |   Size: 7.88 MB   |   Language: English
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FUJITSU Cloud and Data Center Services

In a fast-paced and volatile business environment that is becoming the norm, organizations are demanding far greater agility from their ICT.

This is no easy task for IT teams burdened by complex Data Center environments, resource constraints, shortage of Data Center space and an ever-increasing volume and velocity of data to deal with. Add to this rising energy costs and aging facilities or technology and it is no wonder many executives are exploring new ways to support innovation and business growth. It is also clear that cloud is becoming ...

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Global adoption of the cloud is accelerating at a dizzying rate each year with businesses of all sizes realizing the cost-saving, flexibility, and scalability benefits of migrating and running applications in the cloud. In our 2019 State of Application Services report, 87% of respondents reported having multicloud architectures.

As pressure to move applications to cloud and hybrid environments intensifies, IT teams must grapple with sometimes significant migration challenges. Though each migration is different, there are several common consi ...

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Software-Defined Storage — Opportunities for the Enterprise

IDC believes that software-defined storage (SDS) continues to transform IT deployment and consumption of storage resources. For enterprises, SDS is really an on-ramp to deploying a hybrid cloud — one that allows a metered on-demand consumption of private and public cloud resources. Deploying SDS therefore is not a question of "if" but a question of "when." IDC's August 2015 Software-Defined Infrastructure Survey found that 75% of enterprises have deployed or are considering deploying some form of SDS in their environment.

For such enterpris ...

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The Case for SDS - An IDC Infographic, Sponsored by IBM

Why SDS?

SDS is key to deploying a hybrid cloud for metered, on-demand consumption of private/public cloud resources. Enterprises generally have a positive awareness and acceptance of SDS. ...

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Supercharge Your Apps with All-Flash Storage

The tipping point has arrived. Large enterprises are planning their nextgeneration datacenters around flash-based storage, and for good reason. Flash arrays provide read and write performance that is orders of magnitude faster than spinning media at a total cost of ownership that is on par with disk and will soon be lower. The benefits not only include improved application performance, but more consistent performance, lower latency, reduced storage footprint, streamlined storage administration, and lower operating costs. These advantages are to ...

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