FlexCast technology powers workforce mobility

Thumb original flexcast technology powers workforce mobility

From simple VDI to advanced app delivery, FlexCast technology gives IT everything they need to meet the needs of today’s modern, complex workforce.

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Five Lessons Learned from the Pivot to a Distributed Workforce

Today, it is increasingly important to enable your employees to work remotely. Working remotely gives employees flexibility while making them even more productive, which in turn keeps them engaged and happy. Blurring the lines between working at home versus working in the office is a primary reason why user productivity has been steadily climbing in the recent past.

The importance of facilitating remote work is further amplified during pandemics, disasters, and other unforeseen events that force many organizations to give their employees the ...

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The shelter-in-place mandates put in place earlier in 2020 sent most employees home, and for the next few months they strived to stay connected and productive, while IT teams scrambled to provide infrastructures to support them. Now many organizations have realized there are benefits to having a distributed workforce, and thus are focused on tackling some of the network-related challenges that have compromised employee experience.

Remote user access is one top-of-mind concern. When employees are remote, connecting to on-premises apps can be ...

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How IT adapts in times of change:

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For teams still using traditional PC lifecycle management methods on their Windows devices, these new demands quickly became a mas ...

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