Mit User Virtualization fit für das BYOD-Zeitalter

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Das End User Computing befindet sich in einem grundlegenden Wandel: Heutige Anwender – insbesondere die „Wissensarbeiter“ (oder „Knowledge Worker“), die das Business treiben – sind anspruchsvoller geworden: Sie arbeiten häufig von wechselnden Standorten aus und mit unterschiedlichsten Endgeräten vom Notebook
über Tablets bis zum Smartphone. Sie sind deutlich technikaffiner als früher und erwarten – Stichwort Consumerization – immer nachdrücklicher, mit ihren privaten Devices wie z.B. iPads, iPhones oder auch Android- Handys und -Tablets im Unternehmen arbeiten zu können.

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Die strategische Bedeutung von Mobilität und Unternehmensdaten

In den vergangenen fünf Jahren hat sich die Unternehmens-IT rasant gewandelt. Hauptantriebskraft dieses Wandels ist der steigende Bedarf an mobiler Produktivität, der neue Anforderungen an die IT-Infrastruktur in Unternehmen stellt.

Die Unternehmens-IT sieht sich zudem mit ganz neuen Verwaltungs- und Governance-Herausforderungen konfrontiert. Die IT-Branchenführer suchen daher mit Nachdruck nach Möglichkeiten, die IT-Umgebung in Unternehmen mobilitätstauglich zu machen, ohne dabei die Effizienz oder die IT-Governance zu beeinträchtigen. ...

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For High-Performance Internet Connectivity, Choose Fiber

High speed connectivity is the lifeblood of today’s successful businesses and organizations. High performance internet access is fundamental for communications and a wide range of data services, and as businesses, devices and individuals all grow ever more connected, the need for fast, dependable, highly available bandwidth is essential. ...

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For Educational Institutions, Segra Delivers Highly-Dependable, Secure and Easy-to-Manage Technology and Connectivity

COVID-19 has transformed every aspect of how we work and live, including how students learn, and the pandemic has highlighted the need for schools to make fast, reliable and secure internet connectivity an utmost priority. Even as education moves to a hybrid model or a return to classrooms the importance of high-capacity internet for K-12 and higher education continues to be a priority for the following reasons:

• Media-rich digital learning experiences
• Access to lessons, lectures and testing online
• Digital educational materials for co ...

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Smart Hall Sensors for the Automotive Environment

Automotive designers naturally gravitate to Hall-effect magnetic sensors because of their light weight, small size and low cost. But cars are full of components that generate stray magnetic fields which can interfere with those sensors. Learn all about new Smart Hall-effect magnetic sensors and the critical parameters you need to understand to make them effective in automotive applications including electronic power steering (EPS), pedal sensing, chassis level sensing and gearbox/gearshift detection.

What you will learn:

Uses of Hall-effe ...

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Manufacturing as a Service in India

Gobally, there is a strong trend towards outsourcing, in order to balance the production cost and transaction cost of manufacturing. For OEMs, this balance needs to be struck while also practicing due diligence. The general term applied here is XaaS, or Anything as a Service, which applies to any service that can be provided to a customer by a commercial partner. For OEMs, this broad scope can be focused into Manufacturing as a Service.

The nature of a global market means that all vertical sectors operating in multiple regions are subject to ...

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