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As businesses continue to navigate challenging market forces, along with the new hybrid way of working, overspend is no longer an option if you are striving for growth. The days where a little budget creep happens here or there should be long gone and scrutiny into company spend is at the top of most business agendas.

Finding areas where cost savings can be made is difficult if you are relying on your tried and tested “gut instinct” and only by diving deep into your data will you be able to make informed business decisions.

In our recent eBook – The Power of Data - we explore how you can utilise data from your SAP® Concur® solutions to reach your goals and unearth tips to help springboard your business even further to success.

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Automate Your Invoice Process: Get Rid of the Paperwork, Manual Entry, and Errors that Slow Down Accounts Payable

Your finance and accounts payable teams are key to driving business forward. Automation is the key to helping them be more efficient and more accurate.
Add in control and visibility and you enable your accounts payable team to stay on top of spend and cash flow. This effectively turns the department into a hub of financial insights.

Concur® Invoice management solutions eliminate piles of paperwork, drastically reduces processing time and — because it can integrate invoices with travel and expense payments in a single system — provides a com ...

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Three Ways to Future-Proof Your Business

When times are uncertain, improve visibility and spend control to give your organization the certainty it needs.

While having control over costs, cash flow, and compliance is important for businesses during typical times, it’s even more critical when trying to maintain business continuity during challenging periods. But is the idea of “typical” times, in fact, outdated?

In today’s global business world, challenges abound and circumstances can change quickly. ...

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Securing the Data Center in Just Four Steps

You will learn:

A straightforward way to get started with an internal firewall.

How protecting east-west traffic via an internal firewall secures critical applications from the lateral movement of attackers.

How deploying an internal firewall delivers unprecedented, data center-wide visibility into traffic flows.

Why an internal firewall eliminates the complexity, expense, and limitations of traditional perimeter firewalls. ...

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The Business Value of VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer

With NSX Advanced Load Balancer, teams don’t have to choose between overprovisioning and potentially having insufficient load-balancing capacity. In fact, IDC's analysis shows that study participants are achieving significant value with NSX Advanced Load Balancer worth an annual average of $4.11 million per organization by:

Reducing the cost of providing application delivery and load-balancing resources

Sharply reducing the time needed to deliver new load-balancing capacity

Supporting the business with elastic scalability and improved ...

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Forrester A Practical Guide To A Zero Trust Implementation

Since Forrester first introduced the model over a decade ago, Zero Trust has gained popularity and become the preferred security model for many enterprise and government organizations. The Zero Trust model shifts the focus of security from a perimeter-based defense to one that is based on minimizing implicit trust by continuously verifying that access is secure, authenticated, and authorized. Organizations that successfully implement a Zero Trust program increase customer trust and get better protection of employee, customer, and company data. ...

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