2014 Authentication Survey - Executive Summary

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How Organisations Are Responding to Mobile and Cloud Threats

As IT teams seek to keep sensitive assets safe, while supporting the evolving adoption of cloud-based services and BYOD, authentication mechanisms
need to play an increasingly central role. How are organisations adapting their authentication approaches to contend with the changes and increased risks their businesses face? This executive summary reports on a recent to survey to provide a look at the market, and where it’s heading.

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Multi-Factor Authentication - Current Usage and Trends

In the wake of continuing breaches, it is abundantly clear that governing access to corporate resources solely through static user names and passwords isn’t enough. In this digital age, validating identities and controlling access is vital, which is why multi-factor authentication has become such a fundamental requirement in so many organisations. As security teams contend with such trends as cloud migrations and the influx of consumer devices, the approaches, strategies, and plans for authentication will continue to evolve. This white paper dr ...

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Market Pulse Protecting the Human Side of Cybersecurity

Behavioral analytics tops the list of cybersecurity best practices

The majority of enterprise companies have hundreds of apps deployed in the cloud, and that trend is expected to continue, according to a new survey by IDG. That said, 52% of companies find that securing those apps continues to be challenging.

But that doesn’t mean that the remaining 48% are fully confident in their cloud app security or are fully aware of all of the facets of cloud security they should be considering. Enterprise companies have deployed hundreds of applic ...

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Compare Cloud Security Solutions

Determining which edge and cloud security vendor is the right fit for your organization can be challenging. Read this guide for evaluating the leading enterprise solutions so you can choose with confidence.

Download to see 13 evaluation criteria, including:
Support and services
Ease of implementation
How to best use analyst perspectives ...

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Making It Safe for Federal Employees to Work Remotely

These days, more of your people—maybe even your entire workforce—are working from home. Your operations have shifted, and your cybersecurity needs to, too. But even as the potential for risk widens amidst a rapidly evolving threat landscape, you can help keep your agency safe and your people productive.

Download to learn how to:
Extending remote access to mission critical resources
Enhance your email phishing protection outside the office
Safeguard your people as they use the web differently
Ensure data security in a multi-cloud enviro ...

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Five factors to consider when evaluating your next cloud provider

Shopping for a cloud services provider?

Narrow your search with this checklist. Whether you’re planning to select your first cloud services provider, or looking to replace a current provider, or even to simply add more cloud services to your existing line-up, choosing the right Cloud Services Provider (CSP) may be the most complicated part of transitioning to the cloud. We’d like to help. Here are five factors to consider when evaluating your next cloud provider. ...

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