SDL Campaigns - 5 Steps to Reinventing Traditional Marketing Campaigns

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Digital channels have empowered consumers and fundamentally changed the way they interact with your brand. While you are likely continuing to deploy campaigns, it’s time to swiftly shift from the linear fashion of yesteryear to interactive, continuous campaigns that interact with customers on a 1-to-1 level. Why? Customers no longer think in terms of channels, devices or operating hours. They think about their experience from a holistic perspective.

We know that consumers of all ages – but especially young adults – are device-savvy. Research conducted by SDL1 revealed that Millennials use multiple devices every day and check their smartphones an average of 45 times each day. These consumers expect brand interactions to be relevant and engaging, and expect consistency across digital touch points during their customer journey. Now is the time to shift and optimize campaign strategies for this new consumer mindset.

Forget monolithic, process-driven campaign management. Adaptive marketing strategies that address individual customer journeys are the new mandate. You need to understand how consumers want to interact with your brand and define continuous campaigns aligned with their expectations. To the empowered consumer, the digital world is always “on,” and your campaign strategy must be ready for 24x7 omni-channel orchestration.

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