Is Your CMS Ready for CXM?

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Customer Experience Management (CXM) is a hot topic in today’s boardrooms. Organizationsnow realize the “digital disruption” of today’s empowered connected consumer is not a threat, but an opportunity for them to understand and to engage their customers like never before.

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SDL Campaigns - 5 Steps to Reinventing Traditional Marketing Campaigns

Digital channels have empowered consumers and fundamentally changed the way they interact with your brand. While you are likely continuing to deploy campaigns, it’s time to swiftly shift from the linear fashion of yesteryear to interactive, continuous campaigns that interact with customers on a 1-to-1 level. Why? Customers no longer think in terms of channels, devices or operating hours. They think about their experience from a holistic perspective.

We know that consumers of all ages – but especially young adults – are device-savvy. Researc ...

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Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms

Content services platforms are key components of the digital workplace and digital business. At a time of increased emphasis on the cloud, ease of use, AI and governance, this report will help those responsible for digital workplace applications find the right vendor for their strategy. ...

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Drive Top-Line Growth - Six Best Practices for Modernizing Financial Services IT

Financial services organizations around the world are modernizing IT to drive top-line growth and streamline compliance burdens. From multinational brokerage houses to local branch banks, digital transformation initiatives are moving financial institutions toward more secure, agile, and cost-effective infrastructure and applications, empowering workers and improving customer experiences.
Yet modernizing IT everywhere simultaneously presents challenges, which makes choosing the right partner imperative. Today, financial services organizations a ...

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100 Days To Success: A Treasurer's Guide To Career Advancement

The first 100 days in a new job are known to be crucial in setting the right course. The challenge facing treasurers is to acquire a quick overview, identify company-critical risks, introduce necessary measures at short notice and, at the same time, convince the new boss that they are also able to set the right strategic course.
This whitepaper outlines the five most important steps to which you as a treasurer need to pay attention if you are to be successful in your first 100 days. ...

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Security and Risk Management in Payment Transactions

Alongside smaller companies, there are still many medium and largesized companies that have not yet implemented real-time monitoring of their payment processes. The result? These organizations then fail to discover missing cash until the end of the month. This is often the case despite tried-and-tested digital payment platforms that standardize and automate cash flows being readily available in the market. With such tools, corporations are provided with the necessary controlling and an uninterrupted overview of these cash flows.

For this rea ...

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