Future of Work - Embracing New Dynamics, Creating New Experiences

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This IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Dell, presents key findings from a global survey that examines the future of work (FOW) trends and their impact on monitors. The survey included over 300 IT and business decision makers, as well as more than 1,200 employees who use monitors for work across the US, the UK and China markets. The findings present stark differences in opinion of both decision makers and employees around expectations of their work, health and safety; as well as their motivations at work and technology priorities. In many cases, we observed huge variance in the voice of employees versus the decision makers or executives on topics such as device choice, desired features, and factors that impact employee motivation.

In order to meet the FOW demands, IT and business decision makers need to redesign their monitor policies by moving away from their one-size-fits-all strategy and adopting a persona-based computing approach. By offering employees more choices, empowering them with the latest technologies and adopting new policies to suit the needs of younger generations, it will not only improve employee productivity but also help organizations attract and retain the best talent.

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