Achieve better business performance with AI-powered automation

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To realize the full potential of AI-powered automation, businesses need to consistently utilize proven automation software and apply best practices across all workflows—from creating faster, digital customer experiences to optimizing internal processes.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation provides a modular set of integrated software, built for any hybrid cloud, that’s designed to quickly solve your toughest operational challenges.

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Modernize SAP Workloads on IBM Power Systems

The goal of this IBM® Redpaper® publication is to describe how to modernize SAP workloads and run them on IBM Power Systems. By using theoretical knowledge, team experiences, and new technologies, the authors document sample scenarios to show such benefits.

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Interested in smarter, faster, hybrid-cloud ready storage that’s also affordable?

The new IBM FlashSystem 5200 comes with:

· 50% less rack space
· 3 NVMe FlashCore Modules delivering the same performance as 24 SSDs
· Better cost-efficiency than the previous generation!

IBM FlashSystem 5200 is the most powerful and compact end-to-end NVMe storage system that IBM has ever introduced, starting small with as little as 38TB of capacity but growing up to 1.7PB of capacity, in a small 1U form factor that adapts to space constrained environments.

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Securing the Data Center in Just Four Steps

You will learn:

A straightforward way to get started with an internal firewall.

How protecting east-west traffic via an internal firewall secures critical applications from the lateral movement of attackers.

How deploying an internal firewall delivers unprecedented, data center-wide visibility into traffic flows.

Why an internal firewall eliminates the complexity, expense, and limitations of traditional perimeter firewalls. ...

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The Business Value of VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer

With NSX Advanced Load Balancer, teams don’t have to choose between overprovisioning and potentially having insufficient load-balancing capacity. In fact, IDC's analysis shows that study participants are achieving significant value with NSX Advanced Load Balancer worth an annual average of $4.11 million per organization by:

Reducing the cost of providing application delivery and load-balancing resources

Sharply reducing the time needed to deliver new load-balancing capacity

Supporting the business with elastic scalability and improved ...

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Forrester A Practical Guide To A Zero Trust Implementation

Since Forrester first introduced the model over a decade ago, Zero Trust has gained popularity and become the preferred security model for many enterprise and government organizations. The Zero Trust model shifts the focus of security from a perimeter-based defense to one that is based on minimizing implicit trust by continuously verifying that access is secure, authenticated, and authorized. Organizations that successfully implement a Zero Trust program increase customer trust and get better protection of employee, customer, and company data. ...

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