Apply AI to IT operations to maximize efficiency and reduce costs

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CIO offices demand quick results from technology investments and seamless integration. IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps provides out-of-the-box AI models that target problems in the IT operations domain. It helps businesses execute an AI-first strategy, allowing them to operationalize their data and transform their workflows.

CIOs of the future will be able to use IBM’s AI-powered insights platform across their IT landscapes and development toolchains to transform internal experiences, reduce risk, exceed client expectations and deliver value.

Check now the features and the benefits brought by IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps.

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Linux One For Dummies - Second Edition

As more companies transform their infrastructures with hybrid cloud services, they require environments that protect the safety of their intellectual property, such as data and business rules.

LinuxONE is a hardware system designed to support and exploit the Linux operating system based on the value of its unique underlying architecture. In this book, you’ll learn how to:

• Secure your data and spark innovation
• Leverage a large partner ecosystem
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The Total Economic Impact of IBM Power Systems for SAP HANA

Discovering and exploiting real-time insights from SAP HANA® places massive scalability, availability, and performance demands on an organization’s infrastructure. Just as important, that infrastructure must meet those demands in an environment with flat to declining IT budgets. SAP HANA running on IBM® POWER® hardware helps you meet these needs. The HANA on POWER solution runs the same SUSE or RedHat Linux distributions as x86 servers, with the flexibility, scalability, resiliency, and performance advantages of POWER servers!

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Undertaking Security Challenges in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Today, businesses are out to transform their organizations to maximize their full digital potential. After all, digital transformation provides a competitive edge, improved innovation, and new technologies that can drive better business. Cloud technologies by Amazon Web Services (AWS) help power this digital transformation. The cloud provides organizations of varying sizes the ability to process big data as well as provide access to greater storage and processing capabilities, among many others. ...

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Six Steps to Comprehensive Container Security in AWS

Containers accelerate the developer experience and tackle the classic problem, “It runs fine on my system”. When a team starts to build in containers, they can be confident their application will run smoothly in any environment—laptop, on-premises in the data center, or in the cloud.

Amazon Web ServicesTM (AWS) understands the power of containers, and how microservices help developers deliver applications faster and more consistently, better enabling them to focus on what matters: Helping their customers succeed. ...

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Build in the Cloud with Confidence

While AWS provides secure cloud infrastructure, through the Shared Responsibility Model, you are responsible for securing the workloads, applications, and data that you run on AWS—that’s where Trend Micro can help.

Our services help you map to the AWS Well-Architected Framework so you can build viable cloud architectures and meet ongoing compliance requirements, keeping your environment secure and scalable.

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