Honeywell Bw TM Rig Rat transportable area gas monitor

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In industries where toxic or explosive gasses are present, there are standard operating procedures in place to minimize the risk of an explosion and toxic exposure during hot work and/or maintenance. During these operations, hazardous zone declassification is required and additional protective measures are implemented.

Facilities with toxic or explosive gas are subject to risk reduction requirements. Often when changes in a facility are required, the traditional fixed gas detection system may be out for service or not sufficient to support a zone declassification.

Stand-alone, portable gas detectors are a major component of accomplishing a safe zone declassification during non-routine operations. Combined with traditional personal gas detectors and remote viewing capabilities, stand-alone gas detectors help set a safe perimeter around the workplace.

The Honeywell BW Rig Rat transportable gas monitor is a user-friendly, cost-effective solution to keep work environments compliant and safe during repair and inspection.

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