Building the contact centre of the future: How businesses can turn complex expenses into clear opportunities for improved customer experience.

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Modern businesses need to meet the expectations of modern customers, and in today’s digital world, that means providing unparalleled speed, convenience, and personalisation.

Customers pay no heed to the complexity of managing multiple channels; they merely expect you to meet their needs however they get in touch.

The digital experiences you provide across your channels need to be seamless or social media will soon have a new negative review. Customer experience is today’s ultimate differentiator.

The frontline is your contact centre, and to deliver a positive, integrated, omnichannel experience, it needs to transform. Intelligent contact centres will make use of technology such as natural language processing, speech analytics, and recommender systems to ensure your customers get the service they expect.

This eBook will guide you through building and operating a modern, intelligent contact centre fit for a future of frictionless experiences in the world of endless touchpoints.

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