The Journey To Open Transformation: September 2019

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Pressure Intensifies to Drive Digital Business in Europe.

We are now in an era of multiplied innovation, where organizations are moving beyond incremental transformation to a more wide-scale transformation. This requires them to leverage an ecosystem of talent, technologies and processes, making open technologies a natural choice.

Read on to learn about how the right combination of culture, process and technology determines digital transformation success.

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Agile Integration Is Critical To Successful Digital Transformation Supporting Agile Delivery Teams

Agile integration — combining integration technologies, Agile delivery techniques, and cloud-native platforms to improve speed and security of software delivery — is a critical foundation for successful digital transformation. The pace of digital innovation and disruption continues to accelerate, driving the need for faster change to business models, processes, and applications. Firms that can quickly reconfigure and reconnect old and new applications have the advantage, and those with slow integration processes are at serious risk of losing cu ...

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The value of business automation in a microservices world

This report investigates the prevailing trend toward the use of microservices by information technology (IT) departments within large, technologically complex organizations. Today, IT is being asked to:

· Generate disruptive thinking within their own department
· Maintain business applications to ensure availability at all times
· Develop custom applications for business users who want to process data in new ways

The demands may seem near-impossible to meet, but a new class of business automation solutions help bridge the gap.

IT ...

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Optimizing the PC Lifecycle

Managing the day to day burden of PC lifecycle management leaves IT little time for innovation. It leaves little opportunity to take advantage of new trends fundamentally changing the way IT is consumed and delivered. And it prevents IT from focusing on the strategic priorities that help drive the business transformation.

And, hardware technology doesn’t last forever. It has a lifecycle, a measurable beginning and end to its productivity and value. IT is tasked with optimizing the PC lifecycle and also driving strategic breakthroughs for the ...

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The Future of Enterprise Computing Starts Now

Gone are the days when IT operated in a dark, back-office environment, where they had little to no impact on the business or the employees they serve. IT leaders now see themselves as fundamental pillars of the business, moving from simple IT operation to the more complex IT orchestration, where they are actively serving business needs.

Whether that need is to improve employee productivity or enhance customer experience, IT is at the forefront. When it comes to enabling employees with new devices, IT leaders are embracing new, innovative str ...

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El ciclo de vida continuo de las PC: del control a la transformación

A medida que diversas organizaciones tratan de implementar estrategias basadas en datos, la computadora personal en todas sus variedades sigue siendo la herramienta clave de productividad de la fuerza de trabajo. Los líderes de TI deben guiar la administración de PC durante todo el ciclo de vida de las PC para permitir que los usuarios trabajen con mayor eficacia.

Hoy en dia, los líderes de TI abordan el ciclo de vida de las PC de forma continua desde el control hasta la transformación. El control está orientado a la optimización, mientr ...

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