Understanding the must-haves of modern data protection

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Data protection modernization is among the top five most critical IT priorities for 73% of organizations. The primary objective of traditional data protection solutions has been data backup and recovery. However, today’s digital world is increasingly complex, meaning IT environments are more dynamic than ever — and their needs are anything but traditional.

Organizations now expect data protection solutions to deal with exponential data growth and new workloads, recover quickly in the event of a cyberattack, and improve the efficacy of analytics and efficiency of development.

To meet expectations, organizations must move beyond backup. They need to unify data recovery, retention
and reuse across their hybrid multicloud environments, including for physical, virutalized and container-based workloads. And, they must support cybersecurity objectives. Having this solid foundation drives the
key capabilities that propel today’s modern data protection agenda:

• Management simplicity
• Greater performance
• Lower storage costs
• Ability to secure backup repositories
• More efficient and effective business operations

In short, the right modern data protection solutions can transform data protection from an insurance policy to business-centric solution that enables data-driven transformation.
This eBook examines the important business benefits that modern data protection solutions can provide. It also reviews the necessary capabilities that make those benefits obtainable, and highlights IBM clients who have found success by modernizing their data protection.

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