Make Delivering Successful Projects Simple with Connected Teams and Tools

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Design project managers have always striven for their project’s designs to be submitted on time, within budget, and according to specifications. However, this practice can become stressful when issues arise, like friction in design work and collaboration, unforeseen changes in designs and project scope, and lost or erroneous information. While it can be tempting to conduct business as usual, tighter schedules and heightened expectations in today’s engineering landscape make the margin for error lower than ever and mean that even a single miscommunication or mistake can result in major headaches downstream. Thankfully, recent advancements have ushered in an unprecedented era of connectivity in the AEC industry, making it easier to deliver needed results by accelerating collaboration and design workflows and improving design content management throughout the project lifecycle. It’s no surprise that the move to cloud services is changing the way teams collaborate and manage information, enabling teams to work smarter, not harder, to deliver better results. You can download the E-Book from Bentley Systems here for free:

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How to Stay Ahead: A New Paradigm of Delivering Projects

Projects have become more complex, new standards of work have been introduced, and firms face increasing expectations to drive better project outcomes. As digital transformation has swept the engineering, architecture, and construction (AEC) industry, it has become more imperative than ever for design project managers to ensure that they deliver projects faster while minimizing cost and risk.

In this e-book, we outline how the industry is changing and provide insights on how to stay ahead of the curve to continue delivering your best results ...

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Unlock the Benefits of Going Digital in Construction

It’s time for construction to take the 21st century Turing test – can machines help us think better?

The importance of information has seen an explosion in the creation of data. The human race has seen what it can do with data. From your store loyalty card to the missed payment on your credit card equaling a bad credit score, there has been an explosion of data collection that businesses can use. In the first 19 years of the 21st century, we have produced more data than in the previous 5,000 years of humankind.

The most important value th ...

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An Economic Model for Evaluating AI-Driven Endpoint Security ROI

BlackBerry Cylance commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) study to examine what return on investment enterprises may realize by deploying CylancePROTECT® and CylanceOPTICSTM.

The resulting study provides readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact and value of deploying AI-driven endpoint protection and detection and response capabilities in their environments. The following Infographic provides a summary of the key findings. ...

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AI-Driven EDR - The Current and Future Path for More Intelligent Detection and Response

This e-book covers various topics related to artificial intelligence driven Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).


The State of Endpoint Insecurity
Smarter EDR
AI-Driven EDR Drives Better Business Outcomes
What's AI Got To Do With It Anyway?
Evaluating AI-Driven Security Solutions
Choose Prevention and Detection for Superior Protection ...

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Better Security, Fewer Resources - Cylance Bolsters Endpoint Protection Without PC Performance Impact or Incremental Costs

When you consider the number of headlines that appear on a regular basis about major data breaches — despite ongoing increases in security technology spending by organizations — you have to come to the conclusion that something isn’t working.

The fact is, the traditional ways of protecting IT assets are no longer effective in today’s increasingly complex threat environment. Many vendors tout the idea that having a collection of disparate technologies will provide better protection because each technology will stop some threats. But these pro ...

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