Overcome the Challenges of Building Your Own Cybersecurity Program with an MSSP

Pathfinder report  overcome the challenges of building your own cybersecurity program with an mssp

Organizations of every size and in every industry feel the necessity and urgency to strengthen their cybersecurity efforts.
Enterprises have moved beyond simply securing the perimeter and now recognize the need to protect a growing digital infrastructure that is global, elastic, dynamic and mobile. In this environment, data is perceived as a living entity moving across systems and no longer contained within traditional boundaries. However, this modern infrastructure brings with it increased risk, an expanding attack surface and increased complexity that is difficult to secure.
To address these challenges, organizations are making significant investments in security programs. These efforts typically involve establishing security operations centers, adding threat detection capabilities, creating cyberthreat intelligence programs, implementing automation and orchestration, investing in advanced security controls, and adding expertise to cybersecurity teams. Yet building a strong security posture is more complex than implementing any one of these initiatives. It requires a strategic, integrated, coordinated and collaborative approach to cyber-risk.

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• BlackBerry Cylance is an AI platform that helps small businesses prevent, detect, and respond to threats


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