Don't Just Keep The Pace, Set The Pace In Today's Digital Economy

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The spotlight is on IT in today’s arena of digital disruption. As businesses look to spark creativity, collaborate and innovate more effectively, and drive their solutions to market faster, IT now has a seat at the table as a strategic partner. This evolving role is putting new responsibilities and pressure on IT. To step up to the challenge, IT organizations must accelerate development and delivery of applications that power faster time-to-market for the business. To build more connective, collaborative, and scalable organizations, technology teams also need to provide options to enable their line-of-business clients and developers to use both private and public cloud resources. These options must be convenient, fast, and cost-effective, while allowing IT to maintain visibility, security, and governance over all company data and information.

Although these new challenges are daunting, they also represent new opportunities for businesses of all kinds to better engage customers. By better aligning their technology with their core business strategies, organizations can position themselves to anticipate and respond to changing customer needs, deliver the products and services they want in a more responsive, agile way, and help ensure a consistently superior customer experience.

Recent studies underscore these trends. VMware surveyed approximately 200 members of its customer community in senior IT roles at enterprise, commercial, and SMB organizations worldwide. Among the participants were CIOs, CTOs, IT architects, virtualization specialists, and IT directors and managers. In this paper, we’ll chart their progress and discuss the top challenges they face in building more nimble, responsive organizations to support their business objectives. We will also show how data center modernization can help organizations deliver the agility required to meet ever-increasing demands for faster innovation, through a flexible, service-oriented IT model that employs both private and public clouds.

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