5 Principles of Effective IT Security

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Keeping data, applications, users, and devices secure has always been a top priority for IT security professionals. In the past, its most effective defense tactic was a perimeter firewall established around a physical data center. This line of defense was designed to block threats from outside your perimeter from a massive scale of unknown hosts. But, if an attacker slipped past the initial barrier, the assets in the internal network were at risk.

Chasing threats is an impossible task for already overburdened IT security teams—and the threat landscape continues to multiply in terms of volume and complexity. According to a recent study, 360,000 new malware samples are produced every day.

At the same time, organizations are relying less on physical data centers, as apps move from cloud to cloud to endpoint. Simply spending more money or erecting more firewalls isn’t the solution either. IT security teams need to consider a new approach to protect their internal networks. Instead of just chasing threats, they also need to focus on reducing their attack surface. By making themselves less vulnerable and susceptible to attacks, they can reduce their overall risk profile.

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It’s no secret that everything is becoming more connected. From the proliferation of apps to mobile devices and networked appliances, we’re officially living in a hyperconnected world. Organizations are dealing with this explosion in endpoints at the same time as they’re expanding into new environments, using data centers and multiple clouds to help manage it all.

With every new connection, the attack surface grows. There are now more points of vulnerability, in more places, than ever before—and they’ll only become more plentiful in the mont ...

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Les 5 principes d’une sécurité informatique efficace

Pour les professionnels de la sécurité informatique, la protection des données, applications, utilisateurs et terminaux a toujours été une priorité majeure. Dans le passé, la tactique de défense la plus efficace consistait à mettre en place un pare-feu de périmètre autour d ’un Data Center physique. Cette ligne de défense a été conçue pour bloquer les menaces venant de l’extérieur et issues d’un grand nombre d’hôtes inconnus. Cependant, si un pirate franchissait la barrière initiale, les ressources du réseau interne étaient ...

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Artificial Intelligence: The Smarter Approach To Information Security

The news headlines are replete with stories of devastating data breaches,
compromising the personal and professional data of millions. Cyber attackers
spare no industry, infiltrating the assets of even the most sophisticated
technology adopters, in turn impacting their executives, employees, and
perhaps worst of all — customers and users.

The answer lies not in changing the motives of bad actors, but rather,
in the advanced techniques that help them evade traditional methods
of system protection. Traditional AV solutions, which adopt a ...

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2017 Threat Report - Discussion Guide

The Cylance 2017 Threat Report offers valuable analysis on the current state of cybersecurity. The information provided in the report is unavailable anywhere else. This Cylance® study includes research and information drawn from internal data and feedback provided by Cylance customers. The report offers considerable insights into recent threat trends and related security issues.

Some key findings of this report merit further discussion. These conversations represent an opportunity to dig deeper into the implications of current security stra ...

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By focusing on frequent code integration, automated testing, and keeping
the mainline code version in a state that is deployable to production at any
time, CI/CD aims to eliminate the risks and friction of traditional waterfall
software development. Add to that the practice of continuous deployment
and you can move to a situation where the latest and greatest software version
is not just always ready to be deployed—it’s deployed on a frequent basis. ...

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