Deploying Consistent Application Services in Multi-Cloud Environments

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Most organizations prioritize cloud flexibility—and let application teams choose the best environment for each application—over the organizational benefits of common environments, processes, and tools. This leads to 9/10 of organizations supporting multiple clouds, selecting best-of-breed capabilities from each platform.

As applications proliferate, it becomes more challenging to implement consistent cross-cloud security, regulatory compliance, and application performance policies—and organizations rightly have concerns about long-term operability. In fact, as the size of the application portfolio grows, so does the threat landscape with bad actors targeting apparently inconsequential applications that tend to be poorly protected but offer
a pathway into corporate data and other systems.

The key for IT is to strike the right balance between freedom and flexibility for application development teams, while enabling the easy and consistent inheritance of corporate security, compliance, performance, and operability requirements. That means standardizing on core application services across cloud environments—without slowing down CI/CD deployment velocity.

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