Defeating threats through user data: Applying UEBA to protect your environment

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You’re facing a constant barrage of threats, some of which you don’t even know exist. The reality is that your users are behind many threats and breaches — whether maliciously or accidentally. Case in point: 69 per cent of organiations reported a recent insider data exfiltration attempt, and 28 per cent of breaches involved internal actors.1 As the typical point of entry for an attack, users are a difficult vector to monitor and secure. To confront the tidal wave of attacks, you need to hone your attention on users by harnessing the power of user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA).

This white paper uncovers how UEBA reduces your organisational risk and enables you to respond more quickly to attacks. It also dives into the different types of users, threats and use cases that UEBA can address. Learn how UEBA technology gives you a single view of users and accelerates the qualification and investigation processes of potential threats to minimise your organisation’s risk.

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Date: 8 July 2019, 0:00 am   |   Provider: LogRhythm EMEA   |   Size: 2,36 Mo   |   Language: English
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