Five Online Delivery Challenges Solved

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Why do so many companies turn to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver their online videos, websites, and downloads? It’s simple: The core benefits of a CDN directly improve customer experiences. End-users get the content they want quickly and reliably with better quality, wherever they are located. More satisfied customers help the organization increase revenue and customer loyalty.

CDN adoption is all about wanting to ensure quantity and quality. The quantity of online content delivery is growing rapidly. Internet traffic will nearly triple in the next five years, with mobile growing twice as fast as the fixed internet. At the same time, expectations of quality are higher than ever. More than 60% of people will abandon a video that rebuffers twice, with similar abandon rates for other types of content.

To deliver rising traffic volumes and satisfy higher user expectations, companies are increasingly using CDNs. By 2021, 71% of all global internet traffic will cross a content delivery network, up from 52% in 2016.

As a leading global CDN, Limelight Networks has extensive expertise in helping organizations across industries, workflows and company sizes improve their online performance. They have a deep understanding of the complexities of providing the best possible online experiences to a global audience and have dramatically improved performance for customers in the face of a range of tough challenges.

We have built one of the largest, highest-capacity, most innovative CDNs in the world. The five most common content delivery challenges include:

1. Growth and scale
2. Performance
3. Delivery to any device
4. Geographical capacity
5. Internal resource constraints

This solution brief will explore these in more details, using real-world case studies, how organizations are successfully addressing each one.

Download the solution brief now, to learn how leading companies solve tough content delivery challenges!

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