The State of Sales Acceleration

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Sales has always been about who you know. But advances in technology and the proliferation of information have flipped this long-standing belief on its head. Increasingly, the “who” is being replaced by the “what.” Simply amassing a list of contacts is no longer enough to close deals in today’s complex and competitive business environment.

Instead, sales must work closely with marketing to learn as much as possible about potential buyers and their unique goals and challenges. When sales and marketing converge, answers to vital questions begin to emerge. What do we (jointly and collectively) know about this buyer? How do they stack up against our best buyer pro les? Is this organisation likely to buy from us? How can we best engage with this business?

But knowing more about prospects’ businesses, industries, and struggles before the first “hello” may not be the single silver bullet. Despite the widespread use of data and analytics, and the adoption of advanced technologies and tactics, sales and marketing are still not in complete alignment with how the modern B2B buyer wants to engage with other businesses. To better understand these phenomena, Dun & Bradstreet commissioned a study that was conducted by independent global research consultancy Censuswide in June 2017.

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