The new GDPR is almost here. Are you ready?

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On 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become applicable across Europe. In this e-book, we want to answer any questions you may have and give you practicable tips on how to store and process data in compliance with the GDPR. This checklist for companies will provide you with a brief and comprehensible explanation of the required changes to prepare you for the GDPR.

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Privacy Shield

Recent developments have given rise to many questions about the data privacy agreement between the EU and the US. Together with Markus Wiese, our specialized data privacy lawyer, we have prepared an e-paper that explains everything you need to know about the current legal situation in only 10 points. ...

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Artificial Intelligence: The Smarter Approach To Information Security

The news headlines are replete with stories of devastating data breaches, compromising the personal and professional data of millions. Cyber attackers spare no industry, infiltrating the assets of even the most sophisticated technology adopters, in turn impacting their executives, employees, and perhaps worst of all — customers and users. All of which bag the question: What's going wrong?

The answer lies not in changing the motives of bad actors, but rather, in the advanced techniques that help them evade traditional methods of system protec ...

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of CylancePROTECT® And CylanceOPTICS™

Employee endpoints are the interfaces between employees and the corporate data and applications they need to do their jobs. Attackers understand this — and actively target employee endpoints as well as the server endpoints hosting corporate data. More than 50% of companies experience a significant data breach each year, and endpoints, as a critical conduit for valuable corporate data, are the top targets for attack. Endpoint security solutions provide a critical line of defense, protecting PCs, laptops, and servers from malicious threats.

Cy ...

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AI-Driven EDR - The Current and Future Path for More Intelligent Detection and Response

This e-book covers various topics related to artificial intelligence driven Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).


The State of Endpoint Insecurity
Smarter EDR
AI-Driven EDR Drives Better Business Outcomes
What's AI Got To Do With It Anyway?
Evaluating AI-Driven Security Solutions
Choose Prevention and Detection for Superior Protection ...

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Economics of Insecurity

The information security field is economically inefficient. This is both good and bad. Bad, because it means billions of dollars are squandered on solutions which offer their buyers sub-optimal returns. Good, because the opportunities exist to operate more efficiently and thereby improve the quality of life for everyone.
This paper will examine how we know economic inefficiencies exist and why the industry seems unwilling to address them. By understanding these issues, companies will be better able to select effective IT security solutions tha ...

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