CFO Perspective: Finance in the Era of Digital Transformation

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How SAP S/4HANA® Finance helps organizations close the capability gap. On the upside, industry convergence is creating completely new opportunities for growth by shifting the focus from standalone products and services to cross- sector customer experiences. On the downside, it’s exacerbating competition because rival enterprises can seize an organization’s core business as they expand into adjacent spaces. Digital invaders with disruptive new business models are compounding the challenge, as they bypass established providers and even reshape entire industries. CFOs, like other CxOs, attribute much of this change in the competitive landscape to a potent mix of market pressures and technological progress. So how can they help guide their organizations through the tumult as safely and profitably as possible? In this interactive document, we present the key results from the IBM Institute for Business Value’s recent report, “Redefining Performance: Insights from the Global C-Suite Study – The CFO Perspective,” and examine how IBM and SAP® software can help CFOs meet the challenges of finance in a digital world.

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Date: 31 July 2017, 22:00 pm   |   Provider: IBM Deutschland GmbH   |   Size: 1.94 MB   |   Language: English
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CFO perspectives on SAP S/4HANA and S/4HANA Finance

Technology is driving rapid, transformational change. Mobile, cloud solutions with near-real-time transaction processing and analytical capabilities are able to shift organizations towards high-value creation at a reasonable cost. Not long ago, it was commonly accepted that what happened last year, quarter or month would dictate what is likely to happen tomorrow. Decision making by the C-level executives was previously based on past activity and data.

However, that can no longer be sustained. Most enterprise-level CFOs will agree that the gl ...

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TIS Sanction Screening - One Tool, Greater Security

Government-imposed embargoes and sanctions on who you can trade with and how, are changing almost daily which poses a great risk to your business. How do you keep up-to-date with which payments and cash transfers are allowed?

While you may have successfully worked with many of your suppliers for a number of years — and know them well — do you have the same visibility over those working with your subsidiaries? What measures are in place to deal with invoices that cannot be paid? The penalties if you get it wrong are huge, in lost reputation a ...

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Transparency, centralisation and management of international transactions

Today we see many CFOs are making progress towards creating a technology-enabled finance function, but much work lies ahead. Too many companies still rely on outdated data for key decision-making and experience challenges of consolidating numerous disparate systems. For the successful delivery of insightful analytics, the capacity in the finance function must be released by the introduction of far more automated and efficient payment processes. Underpinning all of this will be digital technologies, mobile e-enabled finance tools, leading-edge d ...

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The typical Treasury Management System (TMS) — SWIFT connected, multiuser and loaded with functionality is a marvel of modern technology. There are few tasks in treasury that cannot be made efficient through the use of a TMS. And very few sophisticated treasuries without one.

Yet many of these same treasuries also integrate specialist solutions for bank account management, foreign exchange, payments and other tasks with their TMS. From a technology standpoint this is a simple matter, little different from adding an additional module of funct ...

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